The TRICHODERM®BlackSeries is a landmark formula made of revolutionary anti-hair loss ingredients developed by renowned biotechnology specialists in France, Switzerland and Japan. These specialists have conducted in-depth studies on the ingredients, including the methods that lead to redensifying and thickening the hair. It is available as a Leave-on Serum and Shampoo.

Powered by TrichoCell™ Deep-Seated Self-Regeneration Technology with stem cells from the rare Swiss Apple and the most resistant Argan trees, a unique Trichological Complex, and carefully selected Japanese Botanical extracts, TRICHODERM®BlackSeries Intensive Hair Reactive Serum for Men is a premium next-generation leave-on serum that helps redensify and thicken the hair, and restore the hair’s elasticity and strength by targeting hair follicle stems cells and supplying the hair with essential hair growth nutrients.

When used, the active ingredients in TRICHODERM®( Trichological Complex) has found to reduce hair shedding in users, while effectively spurring growth of dense and thick hair. TRICHODERM® can also boost the growth of denser and thicker hair shafts, giving them a healthier feel and glow. The best results are obtained when used upon the first appearance of symptoms. Among people with mild or heavy baldness, hair growth can be reactivated if the papilla and bulb haven’t disappeared completely. In severe cases, only existing hair can be saved.

Note: Results vary between users and are subject to various factors, including heredity, hair loss history, lifestyle, age group, etc. The shedding of existing hair may occur while new hair is protruding. A healthy lifestyle with reduced stressed levels and a balanced diet is recommended to better protect hair follicles.

The TRICHODERM®BlackSeries is for women with problems of hair loss or thinning hair.

No, when used as directed. TRICHODERM®’s active ingredients are all made of natural compounds and have a long history of topical use. There is no systemic side effect known. It does not contain any hormones.

It is not necessary, but for optimal results, apply the serum onto a clean and damp scalp.

Yes, so long as the scalp is clean and free from residues of dye or perming agents.

Yes. TRICHODERM® is formulated with a unique Trichological Complex and a careful selection of Japanese extracts that help clean, and has the ability to control, the secretion of active oil glands. It can also help remove hair odour.

It is not advisable to use TRICHODERM® along with other topical products as there are yet any studies conducted on the application of other products in addition to TRICHODERM®. However, it may be used together with other oral treatments.

When you have obtained the desired result after 4 to 6 months, you should continue to use TRICHODERM®BlackSeries for women to maintain the revitalized hairs. However, you can start reducing its application from once a day to three times a week.

* Disclaimer: This product helps control hair loss and reactivate the growth of healthy and strong hair. It is not intended as a treatment to restore hair colour to black.