Trichological Complex

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Trichological Complex

A Unique Trichological Complex With essential Hair Growth Nutrients

An active, phyto-synthetic and anti-hair loss substance that helps stimulate hair growth, and helps condition and strengthen the capillary system with the help of active nutrients at the level of the hair bulb. Also contains soy sulfopeptides that help regulate cellular nutrition and hair growth; Amino acids, such as Tyrosince, Arginine, Ornithine, and Citrulline (precursors of melanin proteins and pigment); Glucosamine, an amino-saccharide that strengthens the hair bulb; B-Group vitamins (PP, B5, biotin) that regulate cellular nutrition of hair follicles; Zinc salts that regulate grease; Panax Ginseng Extract; and Burdock Extract (Arctium Majus) that stimulates hair follicle microcirculation.

Efficiency of Trichological Complex

Studied Proven Stop Hair Loss and Encourage Hair Growth

Study* by French Scientific research company has proven that Tricohological Complex can reduce hair loss by 45%, increase hair growth up to 163%, and the Anagen/Telogen Ratio has increased up to7.4. he hair becomes healthy both internally and externally, giving it a volume and shiny look.

*Source: Laboratories Sérobiologiques

Reduction in Hair Loss 45%
Increase of New Hair Growth 163%

The AT Ratio has been improved 12.4%
Over 50% Testers are satisfied in Aesthetic Quality

Improvement in oil secretion 31.7%