Two Types of Stem Cells In The Scalp Tissue

There are two types of stem cells - "dermal stem cells" and "epidermal stem cells." Each type has its own role.

  Dermal Stem Cells Epidermal Stem Cells
Location In dermis (deep seated under the epidermis), localized at the base of the hair follicle (dermal papilla) In epidermis (on the scalp surface), the hair bulge forms a reservoir of epidermal stem cells.
Function Generate fibroblast, has the property to grow in colonies in the form of spheres.
Support dermal rejuvenation and generate hair follicle formation and stimulate hair follicle formation and hair growth.
Dermal stem cells that serve to induce hair morphogenesis and maintain the dermis.
Continue regeneration of the hair follicle during cycling. Has an important role in hair cycle turnover process, from anagen, catagen to telogen.